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Adrias Kolpos

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Project:B. A. R. C. A. in the Adrias Kolpos

Beni antichi , restauro e conservazione nei siti adriatici e valorizzazione della sua antica identità.

Contents: Axis 1 “Environmental, cultural and infrastructural protection and enhancement of the across-theborder


Measure 1.3 “Development and strengthening of tourist and cultural infrastructures”;

Action 1.3.3 “Protection and enhancement of the historical, cultural, architectural and language

heritage of the across-the-border area”.

This project aims at carrying out interventions and exchanges in the field of goods cataloguing and of protection and enhancement of the historical, cultural, architectural and language heritage of the across-theborder area. Aim of the action: Knowing, protecting and enhancing the ancient cultural heritage of the Adriatic area, by identifyingboth the heritage besides the Greek and Roman influences, and the one whose creation is due exactly to those influences. The project will focus on two particular periods: on the one hand, the Roman,Gothic and Byzantine Age, which will be studied and enhanced by analysing, restoring, preserving and cataloguing the archaeological finds, and particularly the antique mosaics; on the other hand, the pre-Roman Age, when the practice of commercial exchanges was widespread among the people living along the coast: this period will be studied by collecting and cataloguing literary texts.The project boasts the participation of public authorities, local authorities, Universities and research institutes of the selected areas: Italy (Ravenna, Rimini), Albania, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina. Serbia and Montenegro will take part in the activities of the project. The objective of the project is to create a centre of excellence for the restoration and conservation of ancient mosaics. The intention is to encourage research through the construction, within the Classe Archaelogical Museum, of 10 laboratories for the recovery and restoration of the ancient remains and mosaics found in the Classe area, the Province of Ravenna and the entire Ionic Adriatic.


General direction:Regional Policy


Leader: Fondazione RavennAntica, Parco Archeologico di Classe

Partner:Italy: Province of Ravenna; Provincial Administration of Rimini; Municipality of Rimini; MunicipalAdministration of Cattolica.

Croatia: City of Dubrovnik; Interdisciplinary Research Centre of the Faculty of Filosofy, University of Split; Open University Popular of Parenzo - Museum of Parentino.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Public Institution Museum of East Bosnia; Academy of Fine Arts – University of Sarajevo

Serbia e Montenegro:Serbian Unity Congress (SUC), Beograd.

1st February 2006 – 31st May 2007

1.216.651,67 Euro