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The Coats of Arms Gallery

Galleria degli stemmi

The "coats of arms gallery" represents the ideal continuation of the "portraits gallery". It displays 16 coats of arms coming from Rimini. Through their variety of forms and symbols, these coats of arms are evidence not only of the continuous changes in taste, but also of the need to show off the local aristocracy and the laic and ecclesiastic notables had. They often erected their insignia on palaces, chapels and tombs, ready as they were to put them on the most important public places. When the Jacobean troops arrived (1789) many coats of arms were destroyed thought, depriving us of works of great historical importance. Many of the coats of arms exhibited here - datable between the 16th and 18th centuries - are of unknown origins: the collection was mainly constitued by the end of 19th century. Medieval coats of arms from Rimini are displayed on the first floor of the museum.