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Nineteenth century in Rimini

L'Arco di Augusto sotto la neve



The local middle-classes liked Guglielmo Bilancioni, an eclectic professional painter, for his skill in painting accurate portraits and rich decorations. Though he often carried out his activity away from home (Greece, Sardinia), his academic and traditionalist touch influenced the artistic movements in Rimini from the second half of 19th century to most part of 20th century.

Norberto Pazzini, from Verucchio, who was educated in Rome at Nino Costa’s school, revealed to be the most sensitive and refined painter among the nineteenth century artists from Rimini. He worked mainly in Rome, though. Among the artists who carried out their activity in Rimini, we can cite Mariano Mancini, scenographer, decorator and still lifes painter, and Francesco Brici, portraitist and painter of sacred scenes.