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The Eighteenth-Century in Rimini

Il Ponte di Tiberio

The works of the best eighteenth-century artists (the architect Giovan Francesco Buonamici and the modeller Antonio Trentanove) can be found in the churches and in the public buildings erected or restored in Rimini during this century. Therefore, the Museum mainly dispalys the paintings made by modest artists such as Giovan Battista Costa. He was under the protecion of Marchesellis for a long time. In particular, Carlo Francesco Marcheselli, an art lover who wrote the first Guide of Rimini, took care of him.

During the 18th century, thought, in Rimini, culture found better expression in other fields: archaeologiy and science (Giovannni Bianchi, Giovanni Antonio Battarra, Francesco Bonsi), erudition (Giuseppe Garampi, Angelo and Francesco Gaetano Battaglini), letters (Aurelio Bertola).