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Seventeenth century paintings

San Girolamo

During the 17th century, many masterpieces from Bolgona, Rome, Venice and abroad were gathered in Rimini. They contributed to the renewed of the decoration of almost all the local churches, following the new dictates of taste and teachigs, as much as the paintings made by a lively group of local artists (Arrigoni, Cagnacci, Centino, Leoni) did. In the second half of the 17th century, the artist who influenced most – direclty or through his followers – the city’s taste, was Guercino. Two of his masterpieces are compared: St Jerome, originally on the main altar of the oratoryin St Jerome’s Confraternity, and St Anthony from Padua, originally on the main altar of Paolottis’ church. The first painting belongs to the painter’s maturity period, whereas the second one belongs to his last and sweeter manner. Both were asked by private committents: the Teatin priest Tommaso da Carpegna and the merchant Francesco Manganoni. The last one owned a rich collection of paintings by Guercino, and some of them were recently acquired on the antique’s market and are now on display.