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Scipio's Room

The conquest of Carthage
Picture by Gilberto Urbinati


One of Vasari’s assistants, Marco Marchetti from Faenza (news from 1562-1588), painted the “sala nobile” of Palazzo Marcheselli (then Lettimi) in 1570, for 110 gold scudi. He painted both the ceiling, with Scipio’s deeds in Sapin during the second Punic war, and a frieze, with Scipio’s deeds in Africa. The paintings were executed with an extraordinary freshness, following the best mannerism of the Tuscan and Roman schools.

Only seven of the eleven Scipio’s stories painted on the ceiling of the “sala nobile” were recovered after the destruction of Palazzo Lettimi during the bombings of 1944. The frieze, which had been frescoed on a long band under the ceiling, went lost completely.