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The Coda's Room

Lo Sposalizio della Vergine
Picture by Gilberto Urbinati

Benedetto Coda (news from 1492 to 1535) was from Treviso. He moved to Rimini in the last decade of 15th century, after a short period in Ferrara: he worked for many centres in Romagna and Marches, often co-operating with his sons (Bartolomeo, Francesco and Raffaele). His reputation in the local circle is confirmed by his appointment as member of the General Council of Rimini's municipality; at his death, his son Bartolomeo inherited the charge. As all the painters working in Romagna during the first half of 16th century, Coda was influenced both by Venetian (Vasari called him Giovanni Bellini's "pupil") and Bolognese painting (in the past many of his paintings were attributed to the "Francia's School"). His art is affected and archaic, though nice and conscientious.