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The Sixteenth-Century Paintings

Annunciazione e Cristo davanti a Pilato
Picture by Gilberto Urbinati

In the first half of the 16th century, the city of Rimini was again under the Churchís Governemnt. It imported works of art mainly from the northern regions, namely Veneto and the transalpine countries. Nonetheless, most of the works were executed by modest artists from Romagna working beside the Codas, two painters of Venetian origins, who had taken Riminiís citizenship by the end of 15th century. Only from the middle of the 16th century on, famous mannerists, formed in Tuscany and Rome, arrived in Rimini. Among them we cite Vasari, the Zaccaris, Marco Marchetti (the museum displays some of his paintings), and great Venetian painters such as Veronese and Tintoretto junior.