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The Last Judgement Room

Sala del Giudizio Universale
Picture by Gilberto Urbinati

Some detached frescoes are displayed in this room which is the biggest one in the whole Museum and has been fit out as a conference-hall.

- Painter from Rimini: The Last Judgement (about 1310) Fresco, m. 5.70x16.78

Some frescoes of the beginning of 14th century were brought to light after the earthquake of the 17th May 1916 inside the apse and on the wall over the triumphal arch of the church of S.Giovanni Evangelista, known as Sant'Agostino. The ones over the triumphal arch had been hidden by the 18th century ceiling and belong to the upper part of a magnificent scene representing the Last Judgement. They were detached and restored in 1926 by Giovanni Nave, a restorer fro Bassano, thanks to a town subscription and to the generosity of Giuseppe Tosi, a citizen from Rimini who had emigrated to Coggiola (Novara). The frescos were made by painters from Rimini under the guidance of Giuliano and Giovanni da Rimini. The lower band represents the assembly of the apostles. you may recognise: St John the Evangelist and St Peter on the left; right, St Bartholomew who assists Christ the Judge (whose figure has not been recovered), flanked by angles carrying the instruments of Passion and the labarum of Resurrection, the Virgin (left) and St John the Baptist (right). Above there are angels playing trumpets, on the left angels bringing palms and crowns to the elect, and on the right angels armed with shields, spears and swords who chase the reprobates to hell. The scene should have been completed with the resurrection of the dead on the lower part. The apse and the bell tower's chapel of Sant'Agostino church still preserve the marvellous original decoration with paintings depicting Christ and the Virgin in "majesty", and the stories of St John the Evangelist and the Virgin, attributed to painters from Rimini of the first decade of 14th century, probably headed by the Zangolo brothers, Giuliano and Giovanni.

- Unknown painters of the 14th century, Seven fragments of votive frescoes From the Capital room of San Francesco Convent in Rimini.

They belonged to two different scenes representing the Virgin on the throne with Child and Saints. The frescoes, discovered in the 19th century, were seriously damaged by the war.