Rimini museums

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The Free-City

Picture by Gilberto Urbinati


In the late Middle Age, the town’s centre moved from the area of the ancient forum (the present-day Piazza Tre Martiri) to the cathedral (Santa Colomba) and the harbour on the Marecchia river. In the 13th century the centre structured itself between the Cathedral and the “piazza fontana” (the present –day Piazza Cavour) with the construction of the Town Hall (Palazzo Arengo) and the Palazzo del Podestà. Very few and minor evidences of this important period are displayed in the museum.

The rich coin collection of Rimini’s Museum was sacked and dispersed during the war. Nowadays, you may find on display twenty coins coming from the Rimini’s area. Dating back to the 10th-15th centuries, the coins were made by different mints (Milan, Lucca, Siena, Cremona, Bologna, Ancona, Ravenna, and mainly Rimini). The origin fo the coins circulating in town is a good evidence of Rimini’s trading during the Middle Ages.