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Life in the House and the Surgeon's Practice

Picture by Gilberto Urbinati

The house interiors open out to the visitorís gaze: from the surgeonís consulting room, adjacent cubiculum (bedroom), triclinium (dining room), corridor, and upstairs rooms.

The exceptional surgical-pharmaceutical instruments are highlighted: scalpels, tweezers, pincers, forceps, and series of mortars and pestles, scales and vases. Apart from the varied collection of surgical irons, attention is drawn to a foot shaped cavity vase, vessels with name of contents and a bronze lid of a small medical box depicting Diana, as well as a bronze votive hand, connected with the cult of Jupiter Dolichenus.

The bedroom yielded a bronze basin with pod-shaped grooving, the corridor, mortars and bronze objects kept in a small cupboard with metal trimmings, the dining room, an exceptional polychrome glass decorative panel with fish of different kinds.

A hoard of more than eighty coins was unearthed on the upper floor Ė loose change for ordinary daily expenses.

Weapons(a spear point and javelin) lay on the consulting room floor, concrete evidence of the wartime events that caused the destruction of the Empire period house.