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Daily life in the domus frame


Visitors enter an area recreating a Roman house, by means of finds from the numerous local Post War excavations.

Excavations at Palazzo Arpesella allow reconstruction of a room interior: flooring consists of a mix of brick fragments held together by mortar with black and white mosaics. Walls and ceiling are covered with ‘upholstery style” regular patterned plaster. Furnishings and fittings are documented by tintinnabula, amulets, appliqués for furniture and oscilla, marble disks with mythological reliefs and supposed magic powers, usually hung between the columns of porticoes, and terracotta oil lamps.  

Eating together, one of the main features of daily life is illustrated by table and kitchenware. Female home activities are represented by needles and tools for spinning and weaving, such as loom weights and whorls, the more private sphere being shown by cosmetics and body care, with spatulas, hairpins, hairdressing needles, combs, small bone caskets and perfume flasks, by the spell of ornaments, with necklaces, gems and collets, by love of games, with pawns for games similar to draughts and chess.