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Rimini and the sea


The town’s relationship to the Sea and connected activities was of vital importance and this emerges throughout the Museum. This was crucial to settlement patterns and is a continuity factor in the history of Ariminum, a town surrounded by water with the Rivers Ariminus (Marecchia) and Aprusa (Ausa), the Patara canal and sea outlet on the Adriatic and its sea trading. The harbour at the mouths of these rivers was the destination of trading routes bringing goods from the East and Africa: table and kitchen ware, glasswork, amphorae, rich furnishings and spices, quality wines, olive oil and cereals, and cloth...

A picture of the harbour and its activities is to be seen on the mosaic border in Room A at Palazzo Diotallevi, the so-called Mosaic of the Boats, showing a merchant convoy landing. The detailed illustration of different kinds of fish from the Adriatic is significant. They can also be seen, together with shellfish, in the mosaic from the Via Cairoli excavations.