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The Roman House at Palazzo Diotallevi. The Hercules Room

Palazzo Diotallevi - Ercole
Picture by Gilberto Urbinati

Visitors will appreciate the majestic black and white figurative mosaic in the main room of the house. At its centre stands Hercules raising his cup in a toast. The god carrying his club and wearing his lion skin is at the centre of a complex decorative pattern with geometrical motifs, raceme, animals, pottery, all within a wide white border on three sides. The banquets to be held in the room are indicated by the presence of a "karantos", a large wine cup marking the threshold. The host's profession is alluded to in the scene showing the arrival of boats in the harbour, which guests could admire from their couches, appreciating his success in the world of sea trade. The brightly coloured walls were in sharp contrast with the black and white floor.

The splendour of the table is shown by the bronze table service kept in a wooden cupboard. We can also admire jugs, saucepans, a pan, situla, lamp holder, large iron shears and a dancing household god. The hinges, iron and bronze nails and complex lock survive from the cupboard, burnt out in the fire that destroyed the house in the second half of the 3rd century A.D.