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TRANSFASHIONAL Post/Inter/Disciplinary Lexicon

 Opening of the exhibition on 26th October 2019 at 6 pm City Museum of Rimini - Modern Hall 27.10. 2019 - 06.01.2020

From 26-10-2019 to 12-01-2020


With the participation of: Manora Auersperg, Linnea Bågander, Naomi Bailey Cooper, Sonja Bäumel, Christina Dörfler Raab, Naomi Filmer, Barbara Graf, Shan He, Milena Heussler, Afra Kirchdorfer, Saina Koohnavard, Kate Langrish Smith, Ulrik Martin Larsen, Maximilian Mauracher, Wojciech Małolepszy & Robert Pludra, Ana Rajčević, Clemens Thornquist, Lara Torres, Aliki van der Kruijs

Encounter with Aliki van der Kruijs on 26th October 2019 at 4 pm
Sala Arazzi Museo della Città di Rimini

Curated by Dobrila Denegri

Can fashion and art respond to current social, economic, cultural and environmental urgencies and shape new paradigmatic positions? “Transfashional” explores the ways in which artists and fashion designers are engaging and contributing to these questions.

“Transfashional” was conceived as an exhibition-in-progress which began with a series of discursive sessions which included renowned names such as Hussein Chalayan, Naomi Filmer, Lucy Orta, Clemens Thornquist, and José Teunissen, as well as creatives whose practice is situated between fashion and art, such as Anna-Sophie Berger, Martin Bergström, Minna Palmqvist, Ana Rajčević, and Lara Torres. Fostering collaborative and experimental work in each of the previous exhibitions in London, Warsaw, Vienna and Kalmar, “Transfashional” evolved through a series of new productions which aim to re-define fashion beyond its conventional notions. This same direction is further explored through the exhibition at the Rimini City Museum which, especially for this occasion, presents several daring fashion artists and designers: Aliki van der Kruijs, Sonja Bäumel, Barbara Graf, Saina Koohnavard, Ulrik Martin Larsen and more.

As this up-and-coming generation of artists and designers reflect on the world around them, they highlight the need for a profound revision of the processes of production and social relations that derive from them. They turn away from the fashion industry and its super-accelerated rhythms of production. Their quest for alternatives drives and inspires new productions − not of goods but of ideas. Indeed, many of these works are critical, engaged and conceptual rather than wearable and functional, and can be seen as symbols and symptoms of the present ‘zeitgeist'.
They are a result of the gradual dissolution of disciplinary boundaries which led us to the present post-(inter)disciplinary condition, which requires a new set of terms capable of defining and describing these hybrid productions. They demand denomination and categorisation in order to be rightly analysed, academically defined and thus legitimised, as well as supported. From the need for wider affirmation, legitimisation and support of practices which are predominantly experimental, research-based, speculative and artistic, comes the call for formulating a new, more adequate vocabulary. The second edition of “Transfashional” is an attempt to initiate an imaginative new lexicon which is closely related to the educational and teaching methods of the partnering institutions which encourage experimentation, stimulate freedom and unconventional thinking, and highlighting process over product.

The second edition of “Transfashional” was realised in collaboration with University of Applied Arts Vienna, London College of Fashion, UAL, The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, The Swedish School of Textiles - University of Borås, Master of Fashion Studies, University of Bologna, Rimini Campus. It was organised with additional support of the Federal Ministry for Arts and Culture, Constitution and Media, Austria, Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Austria, Austrian Cultural Forum Milan as well as of the Netherlands embassy in Rome and Netherlands consulate-general in Milan.

Info: Ala Moderna del Museo della Città / Rimini City Museum - Modern Hall
Via L. Tonini 1 Rimini

Photo credit: Lara Torres, “An Impossible Wardrobe for the Invisible”, video still